In Place of Thought

I am not a Republican or a Democrat,
Not fitting into either this party or that,
As I don’t think either they have any idea.
Of where the best that we can be is at.

Of parties I believe fully in neither,
But like something in either,
So it’s impossible to ask me,
To be forever this way or that way.
I see the cure as arising from the disease,
And I’ll never accept one political medicine cures all.

At times I am a Democrat,
As I believe we must take care of the unfortunate,
The poor, the needy and those needing medical care.
So very many couldn’t possibly do it all alone.
I want them to know they can depend on the government,
To see they have minimal decency.
No matter what.

On the other hand there comes a time,
When some of people should not depend on government,
But learn to do it on their own if they can,
Be bold, proud and capitalistic,
Not having their free market called sadistic,
Which it’s not, it is more the creative innovation that we need.
Daring to take chances,
And at times telling the government to bugger off.

I don’t wish to superimpose one brand of stereotypical thinking,
On all humanity,
Which is the struggle the politicians constantly go through,
For I have found one size does not fit all.
And in the end to your own size, you must be true.

The reality of the situation should determine which political application,
Not trying to force some ideological imposition made from vague philosophical dimensions,
As the way to solve our problems, which it is NOT.

This is one reason the people are needed to help make political decisions,
Not just trusting in the cliches of ideological parties,
And their platitude politicians,
The people’s heads are not floating in clouds full oversimplified ideologies,
As the politicians usually are, happy to be playing political propaganda games.

But the people have their feet on the ground far more than politicians,
As the people make livings struggling with stark reality,
And struggling with reality helps develop common sense,
And Common Sense helps to decide things wisely.
So we need to include the voting of the people in ultimate decisions,
As they are not so lost in the political clouds as parties and politicians,
Babbling platitude, spewing cliches,
And passing off over simplified politics as real solutions,
But they give give political over- generalizations in place of thought.

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