Going IN, Going OUT

Going in is good,
But going out can be better,
It depends on whatever happens,
While you’re there.

I would not have America lightly go in,
Where it could not get out,
If it needed to,
And it is sometimes true,
Things do not work out,
As has been planned.
I know of no better example of that,
Than our recent experiences with politicians.

The method to bring in direct voting on issues,
By the people.
Involves passing an Amendment, a Constitutional Amendment,
And if and when the people test it,
If they do not find the Amendment Good, Sound, Solid,
Workable and Satisfactory
They can revise it, touch it up.
Iron out the wrinkles, fix the kinks,
Or they may choose to De-amend the Amendment!

De-Amend means CANCEL it,
As happened with Prohibition.
Anybody ever heard of the Prohibition Amendment?
It came, was tested, failed the test of living, and was gone

But the Amendment and the consequent De-Amendment.
Proved America an innovative, experimental and testing nation,
That is fairly open to change, then tests change out as experiments bring experience,
To see if the nation is improved or not improved, amused or not amused.

And if the amendment does not measure up,
They De-Amend it, throw it out, pitch it out,
And that is how America should be,
Open to change, innovative, idealistic yet pragmatic,
And if it doesn’t work at all well, ditch it, pitch it, flush it,
Only one more false evolutionary misstep that must be,
To see if the idea will hold up and make history.

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