On Being Free

The people run the country,
While politicians ruin the country,
That is not a fitting or appropriate way to be,
But it is a testimony to the present spiritless way we are free,
That we stand around in abject dependency,
While parties and politicians ruin the country!
No, that is not the spirit we had when first we became free.

The politicians, their appointed courts, and the government have failed us miserably,
Yes, along with some other groups, the media, and various institutions,
We have been failed, shame, shame on them,
Yet it is not so much that we have been failed,
But that we failed ourselves by so much dependency on them.

So much dependency will not do in America,
For we Americans are not the same in this as others,
We know in doing for ourselves,
We are made free.
And I had rather be free and have liberty,
Than have any number of fawning servants,
Do it for me,
Sapping my free will and liberty.
And the government often is just one more false servant,
Meaning to help, but actually,
Eating away at our liberty.

Where the politicians have misused power and failed us,
Saddled the people with debts and taxes,
That will take too much time to solve.
The people shall not surrender to the politicians,
But take some of the politicians’ power,
And vote ourselves on finances.
If the politicians cannot use the power well,
The people will take some and use it better
Than any politicians could.

The way to go is to stop blaming those we were dependent on,
Re-direct some of the power, cut some off from any power,
And make all power more accountable.
Making ourselves as capable as we can,
Thus eliminating some more dependency.
Becoming more independent,
Of those who have failed us miserably.
And in ridding ourselves from some of this debasing dependency,
America may learn again how to be truly free.

True,no one can be completely free,
No man is an island, said Dr. Donne,
But if no man is an island,
A peninsula I’d be,
At least Horatio fighting upon a bridge in antiquity,
Knew his back was free,

That’s more than we know now.

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