Common Sense

Who governs America?
The people sure as hell don’t,
The politicians do,
Unless the voters figure this out,
And give some more power to the people,
The country soon is through.

What if the people had some rule?
Well, the national debt would not be flying so high,
It shits upon us from the sky.
We might not have “earmarking,”
Politicians wouldn’t be rolling in “pork”
We might not have been in unnecessary wars,
For the last God knows how many years,
And if the people ruled as they ought,
We might even have some thought,
(I don’t mean everyday, that’s too much to ask from Washington,)
But maybe on alternate Thursdays, perhaps from five p.m. to six,
We could have some original, creative intelligence,
Instead of being caught in an either/ or party fix.
As the people are in a rigid vise of opposite parties,
If one party says black, the other says white,
And where can that lead you,
But to another meaningless political fight?

This is not the time to be mealy-mouthed!
About the unfortunate way things are,
As the politicians are dragging America down,
And ought we wait to turn it around
Until it hits the ground?

Do you really think more rule of the political same,
Is an idea to be seriously entertained?
Get real! The politicians have achieved what was recently thought impossible,
That is bringing America down,
And are you really serious?
You want more decisions by political clowns?

But this is my faith, this is my vision,
Giving more rule to the people
By their direct voting approval,
Of financial and maybe other big issues,
Will to our government bring a fresh, bold and added dimension!
And what is this dimension the people have,
That the politicians lack?
What is that rare quality the ordinary voters have?
Of course the politicians will take offense,
But I call it Common Sense.

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