Carrot and Stick

You have heard about wicked American Business leaving to go abroad?
That’s not exactly true.
There have been other reasons too.
And I know one reason was,
Certain politicians pushed business out,
By making what I consider crazy laws,
And that’s a fact

Let me tell you about it:
I had a small business once.
There were so many forms,
You would think it was a big business.
I had to have an employee just to do the government forms,

And hiring a Philadelphia lawyer was needed to figure the forms out.
Then the government tells you the minimum wage you pay them,
And you pay the same thing in Mississippi as New York.
Then they say who you must hire,
I had a black person, two Latinos, two Caucasians,
And a particularly rotten employee of an extraction,
I’d rather not say, since I don’t want a law suit on my hands,
(Unless I have to.)

I felt the taxes were unfair,
There county taxes, city taxes, state taxes and federal taxes,
Not to mention sales tax and a few dozen other hidden taxes.
There were direct taxes, indirect taxes, and taxes behind the taxes,

I never saw so damn many taxes in my life.
All these whip lashes laid on business, and I only name a few,
Had been voted in and thus laid on by politicians,
Or handed down by their politically appointed Government Departments,
Full of sneaky bureaucrats hungering for forms to justify their existence.
(To prove forms are needed, you have more forms that aren’t.
An unending and unjustified parade of Government Departments’ shit )

Business leaving America?
You’ve got to be kidding.

The politicians very often have just pushed business out
They’ve been abusive.
A separation would be granted in any court!

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