Why Can’t You

Let us wrest some power from the politicians,
For ordinary people,
Why may only politicians decide what America is to do,
Why must the people suffer under these politicians,
Who often do not represent their wishes,
But many times are just out to use them,
For their own individual hope of preferment.

Ask who trusts the politicians?
And you will be told some, but few.
But the few who do are widely considered crazy,
And much too lazy to think things through.

Why dance around around with politicians?
Whatever way they vote, the people lose.
Until the people have a direct vote on some specific issues,
Like the finances,
Not being palmed off by electing personalities and politicians,
Are the people not allowed to vote on issues not being abused?

If the politicians did everything right,
Still, they would be wrong,
No matter what any politicians do,
No one should trust them,
No matter how they vote, or what they do, and who to!
Because the real question is not how the politicians vote,
But why can’t YOU?

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