Stop and Go

I understand there is to be a big WAR ON DEBT,
And things are pretty much as usual,
The idea from Washington is what you’d expect:
Let the people sacrifice to pay,
For what the politicians did.
Pay the debt down,
Have the people sacrifice,
So the politicians will be able to give us more,
Of the very kind of debt they just did.
Hooray. Hooray, for the POLITICIANS,
Pay it, sacrifice, enable them,
To do it to the people all over again.

Listen, if the people fall for that,
They’re crazy,
And maybe at times they are somewhat crazy.
But not THAT crazy or, perhaps, just mentally lazy,
Not to be able to figure out the kind of crooked deal they’re offered.

There’s a big defect in the system,
A hole in the bucket,
A flaw all easily are able to see,
That is the politicians get to put on you,
The debts THEY want,
That’s just human nature: to run up a bill others will pay for,
And in this country it is customary,
But customary doesn’t make it right,
Or imply an idea that should be extended.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but human nature does,
What has happened once before will happen again,
Unless there is some intervention,
In this case by the people,
To see that what happened then can’t happen anymore,
Or not as easily,
As it would otherwise be.
If nothing’s done.

I say: Change the system,
So the politicians can’t slip it to us like they did,,
It may only pay the debts off, so the politicians can get a fresh start,
In doing the same thing all over again,
And that’s what it looks like it is to me.
And all we may do is refinance the politicians,
The Senate and the House,
You know of the way they get elected in the House,
It’s called the” House that Pork Built”,
And Pork rebuilds regularly every election time.
Do you want to refinance another House that Pork Built?

I suggest not to pay any debt off,
And sacrifice to pay it,,
If all that means is a fresh start for politicians to spend again,
And you can bet, if the people tear down the debt,
The politicians will soon spend it up again.
That’s human nature.

Of course the politicians will get “jail house religion.”
They will plead and sigh,
Whine, “please,” and almost die,
Saying they will never, never go in debt again.
And if you believe that, you’ve had a lobotomy,
Just wait until the next election,
When new fresh faced politician itching to spend,
Come marching in again.
Surprise! The debt will soon rise !
And the nation will be back head over heels in debt again.

As history doesn’t repeat itself, but human nature does.
And easy debt is human nature,
Easy come and easy go.
They vote and you pay,
That’s the way to go, you know.
That’s human nature.

If we, the people, are to pay off the national debts in some big War on Debt,
The people must first insist on a means of intervention to stop the rounds of spending,
The count is usually but unnecessarily engaged in.
W hat that means is a Constitutional Amendment,
To give the voters direct and final approval on big financial issues,
Taxes, spending, heavy borrowing, and how to repay the national debt.

In that way the voters tell the politicians when to stop and when to go,
A vote by the people is a traffic light for public spending.
Containing a line item veto, which now can’t be done by the President,
But the people can create on as part of,
A Constitutional Amendment On Finances,
A show of “Stop and Go”.
Set up in response to an outcry of the people.

I suggest the nation needs an Amendment On Finances,
Far more than the people think,
But I do think them smart enough to sort of guess,
What no one really wants to say aloud,
Because the truth might be embarrassing to the nation.
Why spell it out? What purpose would it serve?
To embarrass the nation?
As all the people really have to use is their imagination,
To grasp the possibly true situation of the nation,
That seems to involve things,home truths and quite homely,
The politicians might prefer not to verbalize.

Shall we not remark to make things pleasant,
The politicians are sometimes nice people !
(There, I’ve been tactful.)
But we need to insure against the day,
Their human nature runs away,
Which has been known at times to happen.
If we are wise, we take this precaution against it,
That’s why our system of democracy,
Is checks and balances.
And that’s why I propose,
A check on those who may become temporarily unbalanced.
And that can happen any day with politicians.
As in politics you never know,
That’s why I feel it so,
Necessary for the nation to be careful.

Now this Amendment will not be perfect,
None ever is,
But the question is not what is perfect,
But which way is better?
I suggest it is always better, wiser, more intelligent,
To have some protection,
Against those who win elections,
As you never know just what is lurking behind the who,
Of that political fox,
You may have voted in.
It can surprise you!
So be wise and give the people some protection from politicians.
Support a Constitutional Check on unbalanced spending.

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