Political Sibling Rivalry

Politicians share certain characteristics with with teen age girls. Above all things they desire
popularity and for others (usually voters) to like them as they run for their equivalent of Miss America
and Home Coming Queens. Like teen aged fools the world over, politicians will consider anything
to be popular.. That includes being irresponsible, amoral or showing off to other adolescents to be
popular and social winners. But where teen aged folk just want to be admired by their peers for
no economic reasons, politicians need to be socially admired so they can get paid regularly for it.

When a politician then achieves office, he goes to one of the world’s most corrupt and dysfunctional
cities, the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. where he becomes part of an immature
Sibling Rivalry, political parties constantly competing with each other.

One might think that the nations capital, the good of the country ordinarily would
come first. Is this the case? Don’t be silly. Often each of the two parties would rather die than
let the other party achieve something. Why? Because if the other party achieves something,
that political party is politically one up on the other party. Votes, you know.

The social milieu in Washington is not what anyone might call “mature”. The naked Sibling Rivalry
of the two parties is so immature it is almost unbelievable that adults could keep this Sibling
Rivalry going day in and day out. But they do!. And all politicians are expected to be in one of the two
political parties. If they aren’t on the approval list of their party, the miserable candidates are not helped
in their election campaigns by a slug of party campaign money.

Of course where money is involved, you may expect people to toe the line, and
Politicians are not any different. In politics “Money makes the mare go.” No money
for the campaign, then not as much money to be dedicated to the media coverage anyone’s
campaign for office needs. Guess why nearly everybody goes along with a party.
Some politicians hate their party, but when you got to pick one, you’ve got to pick on and live
with it as best as you can. Or that is the country has to live with this system as best it may.

You do understand the good of the nation is not what is primarily on the minds
of either parties or politicians. What is on their mind is the victory of their party.
or that their party looks good so it can be re-elected. And of course what is missing
in this constant squabbling is any sense of priorities. I mean the victory of the nation
should come first, not the victory of one political party. But among politicians the
only way the nation can win is if its party wins.

The politicians identify their success with the success of the nation. Now this is a bitter
laugh of course, because a two party system causes either/or thinking. It’s this way or
that way but not any other way. Either/or thinking stands for thinking in handcuffs.

Now you, I hope, are aware as I am that in having to pick one of two solutions,
both may be wrong. A new and creative solution may be needed. that is just what
Washington is not prepared to do. It may be for you or for the nation a choice
between two bad solutions.

Then their is the other problem in having to pick between two solution or either/or
decisions. You may not, as I, believe straight down the line in either party. I like
some things in both parties but that option is not available. It’s the Republicans
versus the Democrats and that’s it. You’ve got to pick vanilla ice cream or chocolate
ice cream, but I like different kinds of ice cream at different times. Either/or won’t do it.
Two solutions do not fit all problems. But that is what the two party system is set up on.

Look, the government is now an amazing mess. (Maybe you’ve figured this out?)
When the adolescent political candidates seeking popularity are elected, then
these somewhat immature souls have to go to Washington to face voting in a dysfunctional
and rigid two party system that often gives two wrong choices: Republican or Democrat. But
the bright guy the country needs may be a Demopublican who may not be a split
personality with a rigidly divided mind.

Here are my gripes:

1. The good of the country ought to be the first, not the victory of any one political party.
The priorities of politicians and parties aren’t right.
(However, this is day dreaming and not going to happen in the kind of politics we have.)


3. What use is there in voting for personalities when candidates are OFTEN PALE

So what is the solution? In my view it is simple. On big issues let the people vote directly
on what they want and give the people options. You can by pass most of the political
party bigotry and dysfunctionalism the government is locked in by a direct vote of the
people on issues.

If you as a voter are able to vote directly on issues, it is better than having to vote on personalities
and parties. Voting on issues is for a concerned people who do not have simplistic either/or minds
but have dared to think so things out, Then these people need to have the right to vote on issues
and not parties and personalities.

As it is now voting is simply giving a blank check to personalities and rigid political parties to
do what you don’t want done You as a voter need a right to vote directly on issues and not
candidates who are the slaves of political parties.

I bring you good news, America. American voters are growing up and they demand more than
being rubber stamps for parties and personalities. Yes, if the people vote, they may and will make
mistakes. But I suggest strongly the rule of the people will be shown to be better than that of the
politicians whose debts for bad government now weigh the country down. The politician class
should be removed from power on big and important issues like taxing, finances, borrowing,
and war. Instead of the politicians, let the people rule.

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