Unique and Special

If wise, we need to show the people,
That direct voting by the people on some issues,
Stands for more than they may suspect, realize, or be aware of,
Direct voting is not a question of superficial stuff,
It is more than frosting and mere political fluff.

Voting by the people directly on big financial issues,
Arises from an idealistic goal in democracy,
Where government grows out of the people,
Their voting helps to shape the laws and goals of the land,
And government is then unique, indigenous,
What is being native to every land,
Unique and special.

On the other hand government by politicians,
Where the politicians have all the power, the final say,
As you have witnessed being imposed upon in taxes and debt,
Is imposed upon you by “fifth column” politicians,
Who impose upon the people,without their direct consent,
Whatever they, the politicians, want, which,
Believe me, as you have sometimes seen,
What the politicians want is often either weird or wicked.

When the politicians rule,
The people are imposed on,
As they are allowed no participation or direct say,
But thrust upon the people are things like enormous debts and higher taxes,
What do the people have? No Say !
What do the politicians they elected have? No Accountability.
Remember when the politicians vote,
It’s done by “they,”
But when the people vote directly,
It is “we, the people, say.”
Now which is better?

You need to understand the politicians’ peculiar view,
As their goal is to impose without opposition upon a passive,docile sheep-like people,
Stereotyped, theoretical, suicidally idealistic, dangerously altruistic,
Miscalculated, misconceived, irrelevant and not American conceptions,
That have have received from an outdated textbook at Harvard.

If you want the politician’s type of government,
Then let the politicians keep their power,
Even though,.
The politicians don’t want to play it by the people,
But want to play it by a text book from Harvard,
That may be deep, but it will also put you to sleep,
As they are not really too practical at Harvard.
Lots of ought, but not much thought,
And absolutely no, not any, Common Sense,
Nor do they have an enlightening awareness of human nature.

At Harvard they like to do things the European way,
That’s the elite way, that means sole rule by an elite of politicians,
As they are not open to any uniquely American way at Harvard,
Where the politicians may not have been,
But all still think it is the end,
And they would like to send the country straight to Harvard.

Harvard or Hell? That is the way some politicians see it,
But I think both emanate from the same direction,
And that means no meaningful selection in elections,
Unless the people push for direct voting on issues by the people.

Now I am for a government that grows from the people,
And is shaped by the people,
By having the people vote directly on some issues,
(like finances: debt, taxes, and spending)

But the politicians want a government IMPOSED on the people,
By their politicians, as the politicians are doing now,
You can see how well they are doing it:
By the national debt, their spending and the taxes.
Bravo ! (That’s a cheer for running backwards.)

Yes, our democracy is good,
But it can be better,
If we will just avail ourselves of Modern Instant Technology,
To get the people directly voting on financial issues.
As the good old days were fine,
They all did the best they could for their time.

But with modern technology here, we can MODERNIZE and do even better.
We can UPDATE and improve the quality of our democracy,
And if we do not do it, avail ourselves of modern technology, we are insane,
What are we? Amish?

But if we do it, there’s a drawback to it,
No one will be able to blame everything that’s wrong on politicians!
The people will have to take more responsibility,
Be more responsible as they will be more responsible,
Having voted for it. Responsible ! That’s the key.
And having participated directly in the voting for it,
They will feel more responsible and behave accordingly,
As participation serves to sustain and perpetrate democracy,
And that is the way we ought to have it in America !

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