Devious Dan

Devious Dan, the politician, is delivering a political speech,
It’s a long, loud and detailed political fart,
In which what’s inside comes spilling outside,
As he tells us how he feels in his heart.
I gather in his heart he feels he wants to get re-elected,
And will do anything to get us to select him,
To make the laws and say how much to tax us when and if re-elected..

Devious Dan, the politician,
Will promise everything and anything to get re-elected,.
And he’s free as usual to promise things he’ll never do.
Nobody can see to it he does what he promises when in government,
As there’s absolutely no accountability in Washington, none at all,
And what politicians say usually translates into what they’ll rarely do.
In Washington whatever the politicians may say,
The listeners have to know to read it backwards,
The way they those learning to read Hebrew are taught to do,
The politicians may promise what they will do,
But if you read it backwards, that means, “Up You.”
They may avoid any entire issue when elected.
As they avoided emigration reform for at least thirty years.
You just have to understand the way they double talk in Washington.
If you believe politicians promises to be literal,
You’re so naive about the system it’s really pitiful.

Devious Dan,the politician, wants so badly to be re-elected,
He will swear as Polonius advised in “Hamlet,”
That to himself and the voters he will be true,
Yet we all know if and when Devious Dan goes again to Washington,
To anyone, his word or any principle, he’ll not be true,
As in Washington being true is about the very last thing they do,

So you may see why direct voting by the people on big financial issues,
MUST be!. If the people do not vote on it, NOTHING MAY BE DONE,
Or if Devious Dan and the politicians do it, it is done second hand, second rate and sadly,
As Devious Dan, the politician, and his friends, similar devious politicians,
Are the last you ought to trust to make any big decisions for you.!

SEE ! Only direct voting on big financial issues by the people.
Is WHAT we, the people, now MUST BE RESOLVED TO DO,
To bring more and purer democracy to the people,
By modernizing voting with the latest Communications Technology,
And since that is the best way to SOLVE financial issues,
We need to SEE some other important economic issues also safely, wisely through.

Give the people a BREAK from politicians,
Granting some LIBERTY from Devious Dan and friends.
Further democracy by giving more power directly to the people,
And get more decisions making power for the people as well as YOU.!.
I suggest THAT, my friends, is the most AMERICAN THING to do!

We may not be able to get rid of the Devious Dans,
But we can get more power straight to the people,
By using state of the arts technology to speedily send votes back and forth,
As any money spent on encouraging more and quicker voting is well spent,

Voting on issues will further more participatory voting by the people,
So direct voting on issues means more democratic participation
And participation will perpetuate democracy through freshly involved people voting,
Broadening their minds, raising morale, changing attitudes,
And through new voters on issues raise some respect for government.
(A respect grown tired and threadbare from the poison of platitudinarians and politicians.).

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