Who Cares?

The most symbolic act I’ve seen,
So like Washington, D.C.
Is the lady politician who said,
Of a thousand and more page bill up for approval,
“We need to pass it to see what’s in it!”
And that did it. That summed it up for me.

Imagine that!
The bills are so long the politicians don’t read them,
And if they do, there is so much legalese,
They can’t understand it,
So between the length and the language,
It’s easier to pass it than understand it,
As when it’s passed they’ll see,
Whatever the hell it may be.

Can you imagine such a careless decadent attitude?
From those legislating the bills for the people,
Who comprise the finest country in the world?
Can imagine a wife saying to her husband,
“Honey, there’s someone at the door,
I think he may shoot me,
But the only way we can find that out,
Is to take the chain off the latch,
Let him in and see,
If he shoots me.

I mean, REALLY, can you get more silly?
We must have more direct voting on issues by the people,
The people can’t do any worse than the politicians,
The people may sometimes be lazy,
But, baby, they aren’t crazy,
Enough to approve something they haven’t even read or understood.
Even my yard man who is illiterate,
Won’t do that as he knows they may take his house away,

As I have time and time remarked,
These politicians have no Common Sense,
Does it matter if they’ve been to college?
The people still have more Common Sense
And that’s the basic need in voting,
Common Sense.

I mean would the country have?
A fourteen TRILLION dollar national debt,
If the politicians had any Common Sense,
I ask you! Answer? No!
It amazes me that my yard man shows more sense than they do!

I mean when you look at way the politicians do,
The people look like veritable gods,
When you consider how the people have,
What the politicians lack,
That’s Common Sense, short range and long range,
(A two and four years politician has only short range vision,
Getting re-elected is the thing,
Not what happens to our children forty years from now.
That’s long range Common Sense, and that’s what the people have too.
And that’s one thing we want but lack:
Long range Common Sense, which the people have in spades,
As they have children.)

So to “let the people rule”
As Andrew Jackson once advised,
Is the Common Sense we need today,
As we are in a situation where the few politicians governing the nation,,
Seem to have actually none or very little Common Sense.
I say if you told them the cow jumped over the moon,
They’d believe it.
They would send a milk man to the moon to milk a cow that’s isn’t there,
As the politicians have so little Common Sense, it’s amazing.

I don’t know what kind of dope the politicians in Washington smoke,
But they are so far out,
I’m wondering how it might feel to use some.
Far out in space, no Common Sense,
Just floating around in the air,
Detached from your brain,
Dreaming of signing anything just to find out,
What may happen?
Who cares about the people?
Or any results that may affect them.
The politicians will inhale, take a hit, and sign it.
Puff. Puff. Pass! You politicians. Puff. Puff. Pass !
But I advise you the era of PUFF AND PASS may soon be ending.

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