Knock On Any Door

If a politicians comes to your door and asks for your vote, please understand what the
politicians really wants is for you to sign over to him or her your political power of attorney
which is really a request to sign a political blank check to him or her for their term of office.

What do you tell the politician? Tell him or her politely that you do not want to give
anybody a power of attorney to vote for you on big issues. You’d rather vote for yourself, not on
everything, but vote on the important things that affect your life, like taxes,
borrowing, budgets,war etc.

You want then to vote for yourself directly on the big political issues. (You can add that you are not
mentally defective, retarded, ignorant, senile, mentally ill or emotionally confused. The idea of someone
having the gall to ask you to let him vote for you is insulting to your intelligence.)

You should then state frankly that you prefer a more democratic way, made possible
recently by modern technology, where the people can have a direct vote on big issues,
Naturally you do not wish to vote on every issues, as that could be troublesome,
but you do want to reserve the right to vote on big issues.

In other words the old way of P.O.A. Representative Politicians voting on all things for the people
before modern communications technology was invented was once acceptable, but after modern
electronics communications eliminated distance to some degree, the people may vote on issues.
And you would prefer to have a vote on issues. In other words you would prefer not having to
vote through a prophylactic of politicians.

When you tell the politicians you want a direct vote on big issues, they will give you what, for want of a
better term, I would call “shit.” But you will just have to be patient with politicians who aren’t ready or
going to see your point because it will cost them something (power). So you can tell them to
canvass the neighborhood where there are plenty of fools in it just a-waiting to sign blank checks.
As the circus founder, P.T.Barnum, remarked: A sucker is born every minute. I mean “suckers”,
who will sign blank checks.

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