Update America

I hope you understand clearly that more democracy and the better realization in life of the rights of man served as the motivating forces of the development of this country and its government. The founders of the nation did a brilliant job not only in freeing the nation from foreign rule but incarnating a new structure and system of government within the limitations of the older society and non-technological environment they were in.

Because of the socio-economic, geographical and vast spread of the national population, the nation had to make do with a great deal of representative government. The only other thing possible was a king or dictator. It was simply not feasible as a country to vote on individual issues. Voting on personalities to represent them instead of voting directly on issues was the only method possible.

Of course we realize today that because of the benefits of modern technology that is no longer the case. Our communication and voting options today are greater and far superior to the distant past. Votes on direct issues for the people quickly done are now possible through the blessings of modern communications. Today trusting our money to electronics is normal, there is not reason to believe that as we send our money safely, we can send our votes.

Our country has a long history of direct democracy. The direct democracy of Athens, the originator of democracy and direct democratic voting, was not much different in principle than that of the New England Town Meetings which have generally characterized an American tradition. Today we can have different speakers and scholarly on television and finally votes directly done on cell phones, the internet and radio, etc.

In other words voting can be made more voter friendly. The people could vote in a matter of hours or days. This direct voting also needs to be done more on ALL levels of government: national, state, county and town. Nowadays we do have a choice of more than rule by representative politicians elected ad hominem on appeal of personalities rather than judgment on individual issues. (If of course you prefer a quick direct decision of the voters over the often everlasting wrangling and self serving of politicians.)

Because we now have through modern communications some options for direct votes by the people that we have not always had, we should consider beneficial changes that swing more of the power form politicians to direct vote of the people Some of the issues, I suggest, the people should vote on, and be the final word instead of the politicians, are financial ones: taxes, borrowing, who borrowed from, spending (a line item veto of political “earmarks”, budgets, entering into Wars when not attacked, and others).

Its is only natural the voters as a nation should decide on war, not the Congressional politicians. After all, it is the people who will have to make the sacrifice of money and life. (That way we might easier avoid wars that are primarily done as publicity stunts by politicians and parties. If you think this is not sometimes the case, then I know of a Bridge in Brooklyn somebody should sell you.)

I suggest to you that improvements in modern technology have contributed a great benefit to voting all over the world by allowing more direct voting on issues by the people. I suggest that this will be as dramatic a change in politics as that of the horse being swapped for the gas engine. Voting directly on issues, not just stumbling around over the election of politicians on personalities is a stream living improvement that can have great consequences wherever it is applied.

We need to UPDATE AMERICA GOVERNMENT into line with the benefits and new options it now has through the blessings of modern communications and electronic technology. This will, I think, mean less of the politicians misuse and perversion of power and more of the people. Of course the rule of the people will not be perfect. It will be an improvement, but it will not be perfect. We are on what is better, not what is perfect. My conviction is perfection is not possible upon this earth and certainly not in mortals.

But it is largely a matter of just whom do you trust? The politicians or the people? I trust the people. One reason is I don’t know of a single voter who would have either approved or voted for a fourteen trillion dollar debt such as there is now. (This debt is the fault of the politicians. The people did not have any direct vote on it. Any political system that allows politicians to do this to it need a thoroughly modern updating.)

But we should remember that in 1799 there was no practical way of having a check on the politicians. Of course the President, who is the Chief Politician could veto, but President’s follow parties. There was no Independent and Objective Mind, like that of the people., that could check the borrowing and the taxes. The government of 1799 did not have a practical means to check on politicians. It was not their fault. Means to do this were not available to them. But now the means to improve the governing structure are available.

I suggest to you that we are all fools, if and when finally the means and technology come available, we do not use these new means to improve our lives. Modern means of voting allows us to transfer more of the power of the politicians to the people. This is the way it should be in a democracy. The challenge before us is to update America through the new and modern technology that allows reasonably speedy voting on great national issues that directly affect the lives of people. Not only will this increase democracy through everyone having a vote on issues, but it will make for more sane, reasonable and objective democracy where voters study issues and vote issue by important issue.

This custom of having politicians vote for you on every issue for a period of years is an idea that emasculates the people’s interest in voting. How may anyone feelingly engage in a participatory democracy when they cannot participate except for a vote on a personality to do all for them. This treats people as if they were imbeciles. The people have not been given a direct vote on a single issue. (My understanding is the United States is pushing democracy abroad! It is my belief the government would do far better to let other nations do as they wish, but push to advance more democracy at home through allowing more direct voting on big issues.)

Look at it this way, If Paul Revere had a cell phone instead of a horse, the people could have been told how the “British are coming,” and been activated a good deal quicker. But today in Voting we have the cell phones but we’re still doing voting on the horse method! Don’t you think in voting it’s time we started using what we have? And realized the implications of it?

In governing and voting in America we are stuck in a time warp. We are riding around on a damn horse instead of using our cell phones. (I mean in Africa barefoot tribesmen dial up to find out what time the cattle auction is and what cattle are going for.) In an age of cell phone living and modern communications, American politics is still on a horse. I mean: America, WAKE UP.! Get what’s going on and the implications it implies.

We still have the Spirit of Paul Revere in America. But let’s use our cell phones, modern communications, and get off the horse. Update America. An updating is not a betrayal. It is the way to survive, thrive and democratize. I mean in a new century, it’s high time to adopt new ways and not sit on the roadside of time in government.

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