Let Us Create a Voice for the People

Representative democracy is something of a joke. The politicians elected may vote in the name of the people. But they often tend to vote the money given them to get them elected, The ones who paid for the media time and campaign that got the representative elected.

A good deal of election money usually comes from political parties, Who give to those officials who voted their political bidding. then there is the election money given by or through businesses, world corporations, Special interest groups, pressure groups, and lobbyists. These favors must be paid back, you realize, Re what politics is all about: You scratch my back, then I scratch yours. That’s the way the political world goes dizzying around.

Then there is money the little people give. But the pathetic little gifts of ordinary people don’t get much attention, From the professional politicians running things. The little gifts are too small and none to be taken seriously by professional politicians. Of course the little gifts are given plenty of attention, But you know and I know it is the usual publicity “hype” to fool a trusting public. For as you know, in the Kingdom of Heaven, you are saved by trust, But here on earth you are more often saved by a lack of trust. Do not live in a dream state. Do not close your eyes to lies. Trust and die!

Representative must and will vote, whatever they might like to do, For those who have done for them, Business is Business. Politics is business and politicians are businessmen first, Country second.. Survival is the name of the game and survival is their business.

Come, let us create a voice for the people, Coming straight from the people, out of the people, A direct voting on issues, And not always have the voice of the people filtered and distorted, Through Representatives. Let the people speak for themselves.

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