A Political Eco-System

Think of Washington as it is: a swamp of false values, incestuous inept bureaucracies, festering social issues put off, and alligator minded self serving politicians prowling around.. You enter this sewer swamp at your own risk while you know nearly everything that goes in it is going to be ruined, compromised, distorted, defiled, degraded or eaten up by the alligator politicians. The idea is to clean up the swamp-sewer. The government is equally a swamp that is going to mess up anything it does and whatever has to go through it.

Now the people with absolutely no sense of logic, reason or human nature, insist the method that will change everything in Washington is to vote out the present alligators and swap them for new ones. What the hell good will that do? You haven’t addressed the real issue which is the swamp. To change the sewer-swamp of political waste effectively, which is what we all want to do, the backwards political eco-system that attracts the alligators, contains the alligators, and sustains the alligators must be revised and updated.

Got it? We must change or revise the lay of the land, the political eco-system, the structure of power in Washington so that it becomes a nicer and more pleasant place. That is it is not so much of a power wallowing hole for political alligators drawn there by the power available for them to wallow in. To make things better, we are going to have to think outside a three hundred year old box that doesn’t include modern communications used democratically. We shall have to upgrade, update, revise and change some antique structures built on old time views which means we have to stop regarding our ncient political structures as a sacred cow. What worked two hundred years ago needs revision now. To make do today, we need to make some changes. What worked for three million does not necessarily work for three hundred million people.

So do not say if you want to revise the swamp, the only thing needed is to change one set of alligators for another set of alligators. That by-passes the basic problem which is the nature of the swamp. You must change the power structure of the swamp. So this is why I advocate you consider a change, a transfer of power, from all the power given to politicians in Washington, as it now is, to an approval by direct vote of all the people on the big issues. This new power to the ignored people helps to centralize the government and return some modicum of power to the people.

Let’s put it this way. Alligators are drawn to slimy, stagnant water. Water is like power. It draws the alligators. If you minimize the water, reduce the power in Washington, then you reduce the number of alligators-politicians seeking power. Washington will be less attractive if less power is there. I am certainly not recommending the abolition of Washington. But I am recommending a healthy minimization of power there. We need to drain the swamp to minimize the pro-alligator environment now existing. (Give some power to the people to supervise balance and check politicians.) We may improve government in this way, but certainly it will be not perfect government. But perfection in government is a pipe dream like the Socratic Fallacy. (The Socratic Fallacy is if people are taught the right thing they will do it. Nonsense. If people are taught what is right, they may or may not do it, but the chances are they will not do it in a large number of cases. So right learns to co-exist with wrong but you try to minimize the wrong and maximize the right. You do get rid of the alligators but you minimize their number, power and influence.)

We as a nation will never be able to get rid completely of the disgusting power swamp in Washington, but we can minimize it. This is what I am suggesting you do in transferring some of the power of the alligatorish politicians to the people by direct vote on big issues by the people. But this reduction of power in Washington to more power to the people at large will undoubtedly be healthy for the country.

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