Real Change

What is wrong with anything or anybody,
Is normally not faced with any thought,
But useless preaching about ought,
By different and obviously hallucinating people and organizations.
You may believe that is an over generalization,
And it may be at certain times,
But not this one.

The government is sick,
Something needs to be done quick,
But quick is not a word they know in Washington,
Let’s face it!

The people wisely want a change in how government works,
Why should they not get one when so many are needed.
ONE GOOD CHANGE is to shift the emphasis in Washington from what the politicians want,
To what the people want,
But what the people want is what the politicians don’t,
As there is a struggle going on with the politicians,
As they are totally out of touch with the life of the people.

So don’t expect any REAL CHANGE tomorrow,
Except politics, rhetoric and continuing Washington imposed sorrow,
The problems that should be addressed, won’t,
But still the political structure needs a major change in how it works.
But change is what reactionary politicians don’t.

A real change is now being suggested by and for the people,
Reducing the power of evil politicians, giving power, more power to the people,
By giving the voters a direct vote and veto on financial issues,
Like debt, taxes, spending, borrowing, and other financial disasters,
The politicians never stop pushing for and going after,
They always want more debt and higher taxes,
Things inane, and things insane,
A broad political spectrum of really odd ideas,
Voted on and passed with no apparent laughter.

Yes, we need a change, as you can see,
SERIOUS CHANGE is what the nation needs,
And what the people should be going after!

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