Politicians Versus People

As voters you have been shafted, duped.
But I think you already know that:
They’ll try to tell you the problem is Republicans versus Democrats.
But it’s not.
Don’t fall for that!
Political Party is not where the real problem’s at.

It doesn’t really matter if you vote the party of Frick or Frack.
Surely, you’ve woken up to that !
Politics can be complex and confusing,
You often have to redefine the issues to think clearly.

America’s problem is not Republicans against Democrats,
But the People against the Politicians,
About who will rule,
Them or us.
No compromise is available on this.
The people must!
(And they will if they have the will to wait and work
For that glorious day when the people take some of the power of politicians away.)

But so far in Politicians Versus People,
The dam politicians are winning, but we all expected that,
Yes, as you have sensed, where and when the politicians win,
The people lose.

It doesn’t matter who or what party the politician is in,
He’s usurped the people’s power.
Taken the people’s right to vote directly on big issues
That affect them. (It’s Taxation But No Real Representation Again.)

The politician is the unnecessary Middle Man who sticks himself between and in,
Where he’s neither needed or wanted,
To decide things for the people from a really strange, weird and Washingtonian point of view,

Had the politicians politely butted out on some big issues,
The people could have decided them for themselves.
Had they done so, outcomes and attitudes would have been far different,
In a more participating and better democratic way.
And so to reduce the power of politicians,
Let the people vote, persevere and pray.

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