Campaign Money

What politicians live and die for is campaign money,
The amount they have to raise to run is astronomical,
As the price of political campaigns is truly phenomenal.
Washington is not so much the capital of a democracy,
As a city caught up in a devious plutocracy,
Raising, chasing, begging, bribing, or, maybe, downright buying,
And being bought,
As money is The Force Behind The Farce,
The politicians very dramatically perform in Washington.
(Believe me, Honest Abe isn’t honest anymore,
He has an image making PUBLICITY AGENT from New York City).

What it takes to be elected a politician is lots and lots of money,
(Politics is a rich man’s game.)
Which is why the poor politicians are on the ‘phone all day.
And every night they count the money and pray.

Politicians don’t give a damn about the kind of life you lead,
Surely, you have realized that!
They have no time for you,
They have no time for me,
Actually they have no time for anybody,
Who doesn’t give lots and lots of money,
To fund campaigns.
Just the money-fixated people you want to have in charge.
But just who do you think is in charge?
The politicians OR the ones who furnish the dough,
They use to campaign with.

Why don’t we stop moneying around with all these too rich politicians?
Get a system of voting on issues that directly involves the people,
And the people won’t owe anyone their vote..
Also there are so many voters nationally,
That many voters would take too much money to bribe,
And that way we might be able to keep democracy alive,
But that I sincerely doubt,
Because of the way money shouts,
In Washington.

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