That Moses Feeling

I may be out of my head,
But I say that’s okay,
I don’t mind it that -a- way,
But I sometimes feel I am on a very strange mission,
Have a sort of divine sense of commission,
To go on a trip into Old Egypt as Moses did,
When he told Old Pharaoh to let the people go,
And, lo and behold, there was a struggle,
But he did.

But, as for me,
In a way quite similar to what Old Moses did,
I get that Moses feeling,
To send the word to Washington and, perhaps, the world,
That people should vote directly on more big issues:
Let the people rule!
And have more say on direct issues,
If the state is to be saved!
(And that’s the truth,
Let the politicians laugh,
I don’t mind
It’s actually rather kind of them to listen to me.)

Now I find it odd that if God that feeling I feel sends,
The nation should begin with better oversight of the money,
If it is God, it may be odd, but He seems logical.

Now I warn you I may be crazy in the head,
But that’s okay,
Because I may be crazy does not mean I can’t be right.
The crazy are sometimes right and the right sometimes crazy,
To do as they do and Vice versa.

You can analyze my head,
Long after I am dead,
But in the meantime I feel obliged to say,
In a Cato the Roman way (as Roman Cato may be in league with Jewish Moses,)
Let the people vote directly on big issues!

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