Two Parties, No Mind

We have two parties with no shared mind;
No free, creative and independent thought.
It’s on the level of two teams of children playing little games,
Games because the thing that is important politically is which side wins,
Everything else is incidental and by the way. That’s politics, you know.

Hooray! Hooray! No Matter Which Side Wins,
The nation loses. (That’s politics, you know.)

The present political party system is corrupting and over simplifying,
Producing warped one sided victories that alienate the other.
If one party says, “either,” the other says, “ neither,”
When the answer can more likely be quite another.
It takes more than two to play some games,
And politics is one of them.
When there are only two sides, that’s it.
It is really over before it starts,
When my over generalizations hits yours and we slug it out.
Because any creative solution is locked out by having only two shut mind sets.
When there are issues at stake more important than “ either or games,”
Right and wrong games, and “ who gets the credit games”.
These games make good politics but poor government.
The politics is interesting but the government stinks.
This politics of two opposing parties. Choose Frick’s or Frack’s ?. Or go behind their back?
The truth is we have one disaster after another, first his party and then the other’s.
This one shit, but that one shat,
In bull shit and spending they pass their days.
Ah, the time in Washington wasted at our expense.
As, you see, I have no use for those whose minds,
Are locked along some party’s lines.

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