Democracy Comes in Waves

Do you think it was easy to get votes for women?
If you do, you are misinformed.
Look up the Suffragettes on the internet,
See how their advance to a purer, better democracy was done.
It was not easy and it took time.

It was accomplished through non-violent war and constant pressure.
The women paraded, tied themselves to trees, and carried signs.
One English lady threw herself in front of the King’s horse
at a horse race. She was killed.
(That is not the sort of thing I’d recommend.)

But the point is some had to suffer, pressure and endure.
Because as each historic wave proclaiming more democracy washes in,
Some gallant folk have to proceed before it,
A dedicated, awake, sincere elite, a creative minority willing to suffer,
Must accompany the next wave of improved democracy.

Democracy does not arrive full grown.
It evolves with the people and the times,
Going back to Magna Carta, later when the Puritans, fed up, axed the king.
Soon then the American Revolution, then the slaves were freed,
Then the women got their votes,
And now the next wave is here: More Direct Democracy on important issues,
Let the people who are going to be taxed,
Approve what and how much they will be taxed
Let the voters have a direct vote on whatever greatly affects them.

The catty and frightened ones will cluck away and say,
Oh my, what will the people do?
And I answer, “Better than the politicians have,
I can tell you.
Besides it’s their money, the people’s,
They worked for it.
They’ve earned their right to say what happens to it.
Let us have a direct vote to see if the people approve.”

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