Convenience Voting

Modern technology has broken through again,
It is possible today to vote more conveniently,
Than it has ever been.
If you have access to the internet or a telephone,
A social security number, which all have,
A secret “pin” number assigned by the poll officials,
And a computer on the other end,
Clicking up votes as they come in,
You can “Convenience Vote.”

It can save you a trip,
No fighting traffic to the polls,
No getting dressed and going out,
You can vote quickly from wherever you are,
No standing in line,
And fighting a machine.
Oh, it’s easy and fine
To vote on telephone or online,
And safe as houses

If not safe, the banks would not be using it,
Keeping the accounts on line.
And the process works as shown by many using it.
If you can make a payment on the phone,
You ought to be able to vote in somewhat the same manner.

I call it “Convenience Voting.”
It’s another gift to us from science and technology,
That should be taken advantage of,
And used in really modern living.

I mean,do you as busy person,
Have the time, the means to go, take a trip, then stand in line,
And go through the old time minuet to vote,
As they did one hundred years ago.
Come on, get with it, that is not an advanced way to live
That saves us gas and driving,
It’s eco- friendly.
And did you notice YouTube counted absentee ballots in the 2010 elections?

I suggest we have a moral obligation,
To make convenience voting available to the nation,
And use whatever exists to make democracy easier, better,
Voter friendly and more participatory,
But our thinking on our voting is old, worn out, conventional, flat and stale
Somewhere in line with snail mail and buying costly stamps to put on slower letters,
Paying to do it slow when it can be sent free and faster by e-mail.
Our thinking on our methods of voting needs to be updated.

It is incidental but irrelevant that faster and more convenient voting,
May have some long run and meaningful implications for politicians,
But presently the political implications of tomorrow are inessential.
As the first step is to put in a modern way of voting for today,
Upscale our means and methods,
Doing things more conveniently and modern, updating our technology,
Replacing the scrub board with the washing machine, as a parallel example.

It is only common sense to upscale our method of voting today,
Making it Convenience Voting,
Regardless of any long range political applications of and for tomorrow.
We have to update voting for today, no matter what may happen later,
As we can’t keep on snail voting as if we lived in olden times forever.
(No matter how many old people might like to.)
The young owe it to the country to take things forward,
To work hard to improve it, not to cease in trying to,
And, above all, in this effort refuse to surrender.

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