America, An Exception

I believe America is a VERY EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY,
Unique, sometimes bizarre, but bravely shining out for liberty.
I want a unique American government like that,
Growing out of the people, expressing their way, FOR FREEDOM,
That’s why I push voting on direct issues by the people,
You can’t get much more American than that,
Give the people a chance to lead the way,
As the people are the most American of all,
And should decide on what is to be the American Way.

I personally don’t want to have a centralized, debt-mad, tax-tired,
Socialized, state mobilized, pseudo-European government,
Imposed from the outside on us, as most of the politicians want.
And is what the politicians are trying to put over us.

But I’m an American and proud of it,
.Not a European, or an Ivy-League pseudo-European,
Henry James is not what I’m after.
My family voted with their feet,
To get out of Europe,
Now the politicians are trying to bring Europe back to me.

But I desire an indigenous, uniquely grown,
American made, home made and native style of government,
Like we might have,
If we were free of politicians full of really odd ideas,
Trying to impose weird conceptions on us.

On some issues,
And I don’t think you can get much more American than we, the people, now say.
The concept is a real government by Americans from the American people,
One growing out of a unique people voting and shaping their country.
I don’t think we can get it much more American,
Which is fine by me,
As uniquely American is what I think our governing should be.

I like the idea of an indigenous American government
Uniquely shaped by the voting of the people,
Not a government imposed on us by ridiculous pseudo-European politicians,
Who think foreign but are unfortunate enough to have to live over here.
(Oh, could we but put them where they want to be!)
Our politicians are as out of touch with the American people,
As any British once were!. That’s part of what is behind the present hope of change..
You don’t believe me? Get around. Check around. YOU’LL SEE.

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