New Jacksonian Democracy

LET THE PEOPLE RULE was a slogan of President Andrew Jackson,
Seventh President of the United States,
The first President who brought the common folk into politics,
For the very first time.
At his inaugural reception at the White House,
The presence of the Common People,
The ordinary people, the good people,
Scandalized the socio-economic aristocrats, the politicians of the time,
Who had never really thought seriously of bringing the common people
Into government.

Today the movement of Direct Voting for the people,
Is just another step in bringing more democracy to the nation,
As Jacksonian Democracy brought the ordinary people into government,
And today we have a second Jacksonian Democratic movement,
That wants to bring the ordinary people into governing,
Though their direct voting on some issues.
Like finance, taxing, debt and the borrowing of money.
This direct voting on issues is once more,
Democracy by the people coming in.

If you think much the same as I do,
On bringing the common people in, the backbone of America,
Into government through direct voting on some issues,
Then you believe in a New Jacksonian Democracy,
And you are a New Jacksonian Democrat
(That has nothing to do with the Democratic party of today.)
And now you know your political nomenclature,
More participatory democracy for the people,
For as Theodore Roosevelt said,
“I believe in the right of the people to rule.”

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