Prospective Benefits

1. It will enable the voters to have more control of the financial issues concerning the nation and to have the ultimate approval in the borrowing, taxing, spending, of the nation on big issues.

2. It will allow the voters approving the budget to have a line item veto on wasteful issues. As it is now, the Supreme Court has decreed the President cannot exercise a line item veto that crosses through obnoxious items. It will be better for the people to have the power to do this as it saves any ill will the President might receive by vetoing. The line item veto reduce the “pork.”

3. It will reduce the power of politicians to impose their financial will on the people, so financial issues will be more shaped by the people’s will than simply imposed on the people as things are now.

4. This allows the people to vote on some issues directly, and thus improves the democratic quality of our democracy.

5. If the people are allowed to vote directly on some issues, it will increase the participation of the people in democracy. That is a good thing if you wish to sustain democracy.

6. The passage of such a bill will let the world creditors the nation has borrowed from know the nation intends to stand by its credit. This will improve the nation’s credit.

7. Inflation is really a second tax.. The value of money goes down. Inflation is often caused by excessive spending and borrowing. If the people have some control over finances, they can better control looming inflation

8. The people’s increased control over finances reduces the government’s power to use financial methods to tinker with the economic system so good times are created (if possible) at the time of elections. That way incumbents supported by the government of the party in power can be re-elected easier.

9. It will be a good thing to modernize and update America’s voting methods. Rapid voting by telephone and internet is not only quicker and faster but it more eco-friendly as well as convenient for the people.

10. It will be a good thing to modernize and update America’s methods of voting, as whatever America does is noticed by the world. It will be a good thing for the world to see America using its technology to enhance and advance democracy. Others countries may note this and do it. It will show the world how America is different. It use technology to advance the world, not suppress democracy, as many government less advanced in governing may do.

11. Putting a “check and balance” on the power of politician to make financial decisions with no effective review is but an extension of the principle of “checks and balances” that the Founding Fathers used.. We but extend democracy to dimensions they could not go, because they lacked the technology at the time. As we extend their principles today where they could not, we honor them by doing so. And our change is completely and uniquely American in intent and action.

12. By relieving the people’s passive non-democratic dependency on politicians and the government to make all final decisions completely apart from the people’s will, which the politicians often do, it encourages the people to less dependent on government and to act more independently themselves.

13. By reducing the voters’ dependency on politicians to make decisions for them, it encourages the people to make more decisions for themselves. It develops better judgment and more responsibility.

14. By reducing “pork” the politicians will have to find some way other than a bribe to obtain re-election.

15. It will show America has the foresight to accept another wave of democracy as it sweeps in. First it was the Revolution, then the Civil War, then Votes For Woman and now this: some direct voting for the people on issues, a right which did not heretofore exist.

16. The right of a democracy to involve the people has no need to be justified. By divine right and courtesy of the Creator, it exists.

17. All people are born with a sacred right to self-government, and this fulfills that right far more and far better.

18. As there is no quantifiable accountability for the elected to do as they have promised, this by passes that issue, and the people vote it do for themselves, which is far better.

19. When the issues are voted on by the people themselves, it lessens the power of politicians to politicize the situation, which is Voting not on what is best for the nation, but what is best for their party or for themselves.

20. Where the people vote, there will be a scheduled when, and then issues cannot be put off forever as sometimes they are now.( The politicians evaded a vote on emigration reform for thirty years). But when the people vote, there must be a time and a place. And the politicians cannot put that vote off for thirty years. But politicians are such shirkers, if the outcome does not fall on them, they won’t object to having one. And the people will be proud to say: THE BUCK STOPS HERE ! (That is one reason you want them voting. They are not scaredy cat politicians, for the people are not afraid to say, THE BUCK STOPS HERE.