Idol or Ideal

American Government began as the epitome of the democratic ideal,
Now it is more of an untouchable idol than a living ideal,
An old structure now badly needing some changes and rearrangements,
It is seen mostly as a frozen idol from the past only to be venerated,
An idol which is not to be improved,
Changed or rearranged.
That means not to bring in more ways, show forth anew the rights of man
And show forth the profound democracy of the United States.

Countries must, like animals, organisms and other living clusters
Evolve, change, rearrange and adapt to new technology and the challenge of new times,
Demonstrating new ways of putting democracy into action.
This should be done for the welfare of the nation and,
The good of the people.

I suggest certain rearrangements in the nation made possible by modern technology;
Using the benefits of modern technology in voting.
So that nation wide voting can be done on important issues,
Like taxes, finance, borrowing, and the declaring of war.
These are areas in which in a democracy the people should decide,
But have not been able to decide previously,
Because modern electronics and technology have not been available.

We should recall that in regarding the structure of the American government
As an ikon not to be changed, modernized or rearranged,
We fossilize the country’s government,
And are in danger of losing the ideal that created the idol.
We must decide what we shall have ?
A rigid and unchanging idol from the past imposing its ways on us,
Or a moving and living ideal dealing with the issues of present times.
Yes, in daring to advance an ideal little mistakes may be made
But doing nothing is the greatest mistake which ultimately all pay for.
Shall we change while things may be changed,
Or live to regret that we did not do so?

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